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R.I.A.'s recap of our 80th Anniversary celebration and Power of 80 community initiatives.

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union celebrates 80 years in 2015 and wants to show their communities what the Power of 80 can do. During the year, R.I.A. will complete 8 community initiatives that have a positive impact in the areas their members live and work.


1st Community Objective- Food Drive

The first objective of R.I.A.’s campaign was to host a food drive during the month of February for River Bend Foodbank in the Quad Cities, Wilton Food Pantry, Savanna Food Pantry, and Neighbor for Neighbor Food Pantry in Tomah, Wisconsin.

"We set out to collect food and cash donations to exceed over 5,000 pounds," explains Larry Coverstone, R.I.A CEO. "We are excited to announce that our drive brought in over 7,000 pounds of donations to our local food shelters."R.I.A. held various department competitions, jean days, and collected food at a Quad City Mallards game to help accomplish their goal.

R.I.A. looks forward to continuing our outreach with 7 more community objectives.

  • Wisconsin
  • Moline HyVee
  • Silvis Hy-Vee
  • Final Check Presentation River Bend
  • Accounting
  • Arsenal


2nd Community Objective - Power of Community

To continue our campaign, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union hosted a non-profit competition with Junior Achievement of the Quad Cities, Honor Flight of the Quad Cities, and the River Bend Foodbank in conjunction with our Bettendorf Branch and Corporate Center Grand Opening April 6-11.

After a week of voting, Honor Flight of the Quad Cities took home the $5,000 grand prize from R.I.A. Federal Credit Union. Junior Achievement of the Heartland and River Bend Foodbank were each awarded $250 for participating in the week long festivities.

“We are excited that more than 2,000 people from our community came in to cast their vote for the three organizations,” explains Larry Coverstone, R.I.A CEO. “At the end of the day Honor Flight collected the most votes but we felt River Bend and Junior Achievement were just as deserving for the difference they make.”

R.I.A. is looking forward to our remaining 6 community outreach objectives in 2015.

  • JA Display
  • P4110113
  • Check Presentation
  • RB Display

3rd Community Objective - Power of Walking

To continue our campaign R.I.A. Federal Credit Union will participate in various community walks and runs that raise money for a number of causes. This list includes JDRF, Susan G. Komen, ALS, MS, American Heart Association, Make a Wish, and many more.

R.I.A. will create teams for each event and raise money for the cause. With a goal to raise over $5,000 for various organizations, we are eager to accomplish our 3rd of 8 Power of 80 Community Initiatives.

“We felt this was a great way to raise money for a number of organizations while also shedding some light on the work they do,” explains Larry Coverstone, R.I.A. CEO. “With our Power of 80 initiatives we are committing to our communities and hope to make a major impact on our members and non members alike in our 80th year.”

R.I.A. participated in 8 different community walks during the year. Combined, we had 60 walkers who walked over 140 miles and help raise over $3,800 these wonderful organizations:

American Heart Association
MS Society
Susan G. Komen
Make a Wish 

  • JDRF Walk Starting Line
  • JDRF Walk Group
  • JDRF Walk - Jo, Michala, Nita, Andrea, Mahliek, Heather
  • American Heart Association Walk Group
  • American Heart Association - Walking on Bridge
  • American Heart Association Group
  • MS Walk - Kristel, Kim, Cleo, Esther - 3 mile walk
  • MS Walk - Start Line
  • MS Walk - Group
  • R.I.A. team walking by Davenport Riverfront
  • ALS team walking by Modern Woodmen Park
  • R.I.A. Group



For the 4th community objective in our campaign, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union hosted a free Family Fest in Savanna to raise funds and donations of school supplies for the West Carroll schools.  It featured a petting zoo, bounce house, face painting, dunk tank and food!  We had quite a few 'Savanna Stars' in the dunk tank who helped in this fundraising effort!  Thanks to the Savanna Fire Department for filling it.
This successful community event raised over $700 while providing families with fun things to do at our Savanna branch!

  • West Carroll Superintendent getting dunked!
  • Face Painting
  • Gail and Cleo at donation table
  • West Carroll Superintendent and Savanna Branch Manager, Connie
  • Bounce House
  • Petting Zoo


To continue our campaign, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union hosted a free Family Fest in Wilton, IA to raise funds and donations of school supplies for the Wilton schools.  It featured a bounce house, face painting, dunk tank and food!  The High School cheerleaders and football players took turns in the dunk tank and had a friendly competition to see who could raise the most money with the football players scoring the most!  ​Thank you to the Wilton Fire Department for filling the tank.  This successful community event raised over $300 for Wilton schools!

  • Wilton Fire Truck
  • Football Player
  • Football Player



​The 6th objective of our campaign was a fundraiser for the City Dog Park and Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter in Tomah, Wisconsin.  It featured dog obedience presentations with Karen from Karen's K-9 Konnection, Doggie Costume and Bad Breath Contests, homemade dog treats and a bake sale! 

Kari from Pink Poodle Dog Grooming helped raise funds by trimming doggie nails and faces.  There were also water bowls and leashes for sale with the proceeds being donated to our campaign.  The Tomah Parks and Rec department offered the use of their tables, chairs and trash cans.  This fun community event had over 50 dogs in attendance and raised over $900!

  • Golden Retrievers
  • Kari from Pink Poodle Dog Grooming
  • Costume Contest
  • Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter table
  • Bake Sale
  • Donna, Kari Chatfield from the Pink Poodle Dog Grooming and Karen Williamson from Karen's K-9 Konnection Dog Obedience Training
  • Donna with Great Dane in the Bad Breath Contest
  • Back row: Kari, Donna, Latisha, Krista E, Krista H, Jodie and Karen Front Row: Jenna, Bella the dog and Riley
  • Donna with a dog in the Bad Breath Contest


7th Community Objective - Make a Wish

​In September of 2015 R.I.A. Federal Credit Union hosted a change drive and invited employees and members to "Make a Wish" into our wishing wells for the Make a Wish Foundation. Make a Wish grants wishes to kids who are in need of cheering up. The Credit Union committed to matching employee and member donations up to $1,000.

Our 7th community objective was a huge success. The change drive brought in ​$2,642.71 for the Make a Wish Foundation. Thank you to all of our members and employees for making our change drive so successful.

To learn more about Make a Wish, visit


  • Make a Wish Check Presentation
  • Make a Wish 2
  • Make a Wish
  • 2x4 made a wish revised


8th Community Objective - Power of Pets

Our final Power of 80 community initiative took place at our corporate center as a fundraiser benefitting the Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center. Members brought their pets for treats, obedience tips, massages and a Halloween costume contest. Member Bev and her dog Lilly Ann won a raffle basket of treats, toys and grooming supplies, which they graciously donated back to the QC Animal Welfare Center with additional goodies. 

We were able to raise $200 for the Quad Cities Animal Welfare Center! We're proud that we were able to work with and help a great organization for our final community initiative.

  • photo 6
  • photo 5
  • photo 8
  • photo 1
  • photo 15
  • photo 4