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SHAZAMBOLTS. Send money to your friends and family instantly - anytime, anywhere.
SHAZAMBOLTS. Send money to your friends and family instantly - anytime, anywhere.
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Shazam Bolt

Person-to-Person Payments (P2P)

Send money in real time to family, friends, or your babysitter. SHAZAMBOLT$ with Person to Person payments allow R.I.A. Federal Credit Union Members to send money almost instantly to users who have registered with the SHAZAMBOLT$ app. 

How to:

1. Select Card Actions from the main menu screen. 

Mobile app screen capture showing Card Actions button

2. Choose Send Money

Screen capture showing the send money button 

3. Enter new recipient or choose existing recipient from the drop down

Screen capture showing how to add a new recipient or choose from existing list

4. Enter an amount and memo for the recipient to receive in an email confirmation

Screen capture showing information needed to send money

5. Verify everything looks correct before hitting submit

Screen capture showing the verification screen


Free app for your smartphone, tablet, or home computer designed for your R.I.A. FCU debit card

Send money at no cost, up to $500 a day, to other SHAZAMBOLT$ users* - NEW FEATURE!

Block and unblock your card with transaction control - NEW FEATURE!

Receive transaction alerts to monitor suspicious activity

Create alerts based on: Transactions above amounts that you specify, transactions where your card is not present or high-risk or otherwise suspicious transactions

Available for both iPhone® and Android

Check your account balance from anywhere, 24/7

Secure, simple, and easy-to-use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can someone without a Shazam debit card receive money? 
A: Yes, as long as they register through BOLT$ they can receive money, but they
can’t send money. Not all financials will allow money to be sent in the BOLT$ app, in which case you will see an error message when trying to complete the transaction.
Q: I am having trouble sending money, what could be the problem? 
A: Make sure that your card is up to date in BOLT$. If you recently received a new card with a new expiration date, you will have to update that in BOLT$. The same
goes for the recipient. 

Q: What is the cost for BOLT$ or to send money? 
A: There is no cost, this is a service we provide to help stop fraud and provide convenience for our members. 

Any Questions? 

* Indicates Required
*Not all financials will allow users to receive money through SHAZAMBOLT$. You will see an error message when trying to send money to a new user if they are not eligible to receive money. Free app, but data and other wireless carrier charges may apply.