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Home Improvement on a Budget

Posted on September 09, 2014 by Kristel Stopoulos
Your house is probably the biggest investment you will make. Over time though, the memories of your home provide nicked walls, scratched floors, and stained carpets. But home improvement does not have to cost an arm and a leg, use these budget home improvement suggestions to restore value to your home.


  • Crack open some color. If you have nicks and scratches all over, they are making a difference on the appearance of the house. Start with one room at a time. Grab some putty or drywall patches to start filling the holes and scratches in your wall. When you are done patching, grab a gallon of new paint and completely transform the room.

  • Elbow grease. It isn't fun, but a little bit of cleaning can make a bathroom or kitchen feel, look, and smell like new. Grout between tiles and caulk around sinks minimizes germs, and can make the whole room more attractive. Take some time to roll up your sleeves to watch your bathroom and kitchen sparkle.

  • Slip into something new. Look at your dining room, is there something missing? Color! A splash of color will stimulate your rooms.  Use a slipcover for your furniture cushions and dining room chairs. They bring uniformity and edge without buying new arrangements. Another way to create a surge of vibrancy into your room for little cost, is a professional floor cleaning. The hardwood floors will have that just new sheen, and the carpets will be stain free.


  • Light up your life. The addition of lights to the front and back of your home hosts an inviting feeling for those hanging out on the porch or patio. It is also a cost-effective security measure.

  • Quick patio. Transform your plain backyard into a relaxing oasis by grabbing some stone landscaping slates and mosquito lamps. Use it as a place to cook, relax, and entertain friends.

  • Weed out the problem. Weeds suffocate green grass, creep between the cracks, and ruin your flowerbed or garden. Take control of your yard, and transform the appearance of your house by eliminating them. There are many year round weed defense products that work without the cost of professional lawn care!

All Around

  • Rearrange the arrangement. A furniture rearrangement is a basic way to get a completely new "feel" for your rooms. Rotate, switch, and flip the furniture around for a new look.

  • Clip the clutter. Ah yes, the always present clutter. Use an hour or two over the weekend when the kids are gone to go around and clean the clutter laying around. You may find that the accessories have a similar theme. This is a good opportunity to get some new storage bins or hampers to give that pesky clutter a comfy home.

  • Use the space. We are not all handy men or women. But using the space in your home can relieve stress and make way for new household items you didn’t have room for before. In fact, many modern pieces of furniture (coffee tables, ottomans, beds, nightstands) have clever storage areas built into their structure.

There are plenty of easy, affordable ways to improve your home. If you are feeling ambitious and want to take on a project but do not have the funds, a Home Improvement Loan or HELOC from R.I.A. Federal Credit Union are two great options. They will fund your future home improvement projects by using the equity you already have in your home. Best of all, loans under $50,000 are available without closing costs!

Please contact us with any questions, or to find out which financing option is best for you.

If you have any other DIY or Budget Home Improvement Ideas, leave a comment, and help each other #GetItTogether.