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Securing Your Home On Vacation

Posted on June 25, 2015 by Jake Ward
Whether your plans include a long weekend or a week’s vacation somewhere, you need to make sure your home and its belongings are safe and secure while you’re away. Here are five ways to help keep your home secure and safe while you’re away.

Be Neighborly

Being friendly with your neighbors not only gets you invited to a summer barbeque once in a while, but they’re the perfect group of people to keep an eye on your home when you go on vacation. Just give them a heads up that you’re heading out of town. Make sure to tell them if you have anyone coming in to feed the cats or water your plants, you don’t want them to alert the police about your cat sitter.


Do you have one of those hide-a-key fake stones in your front yard or use the “key under the doormat” trick to keep an extra key in case of an emergency? You might want to think twice about how you hide that key. It’s a good precaution to have an extra key for when you get locked out, but make sure your hiding place is an original one. Try around the back of the house or even around your next door neighbor’s house, with their permission, of course. Your doormat and those fake rocks are the first place a potential robber will look to get easy access to your home.

Stop the Paper and Mail

Nothing lets a would-be burglar know you’re gone like a pile of newspapers or an overflowing mailbox. Contact your newspapers circulation department to put a hold on your paper and let the post office know the dates you’re gone so they can hold your mail. If you forget to do either and you’re already relaxing by the beach, you can always reach out to one of those friendly neighbors or cat sitter to collect your mail and paper while you’re away.

Stop Sharing

We know, your family and friends love to see all of those photos of you having fun somewhere fabulous but just wait to post them until you get home. You never know who may see those photos, realize you’re on vacation and take the opportunity to break into your home.

Think Sneaky

Before you hit the road, stand outside your home and think like a burglar. Is there a way to climb up a tree or get a boost on a bush to easily break into your home? Can passersby look into your first floor windows and see that there’s no one home? Trim the hedges and close the blinds before you leave. Don’t make it easy for someone to notice you’re not home while leaving an easy way to break in. If you follow these five tips, you can bring a little more peace of mind along with you on your summer vacation.

Bonus Tip

Setting up your finances prior to shuttling off on vacation can help alleviate some traveling headaches. A thin cash supply and a frozen debit or credit card during your trip can put a damper on anyone's vacation. Along with your friends, family and employers, R.I.A. FCU should be on the list of those you should notify you’ll be traveling. Protecting your personal financial information is extremely important to R.I.A. FCU. In order to avoid having your R.I.A. FCU debit or credit card blocked in the fight against fraud, let us know when you’re leaving, where you’re going and when you plan on returning home. Spending a few minutes out of your schedule tying up these loose ends will certainly make the actual trip itself infinitely more enjoyable.