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New Year, New You

Posted on January 13, 2016 by Jake Ward
The new year has just begun and many of you have made a New Year’s resolution.  Clean out the dusty attic.  Start dropping those pounds by exercising and eating right.  Kick that nasty smoking habit.

While cleaning, exercising and quitting a bad habit are worthwhile goals, R.I.A. Federal Credit Union wants to help you ring in the New Year with something just as important.  Rather than transforming your house or your body, we want to help you “Get It Together” with a financial makeover.

Many people concentrate on the visible problems and tend to ignore the more private aspects of their lives.  You can see those extra pounds and those dust bunnies every day.  What you don’t see is your money in the bank and every interaction you have with it.  Although your finances can’t be seen physically, they have real consequences.
Start the year off right by considering these financial solutions:

Build Savings

Don’t let your money go to waste.  Earn dividends while keeping your funds safe.  By signing up for a savings account, your money will be secure and accrue interest.
Consider signing up for Super Share Savings or opening a Share Certificate.  You can earn higher dividends than you would with other accounts and both provide guaranteed rates of return, unlike the stock market.

Checking Account

If you don’t already have a checking account, sign up for one.  It’s easy to use and allows access to your funds remotely.  If you have an account, you could set up scheduled payments for bills so that you don’t have to worry about missing payments.  However, make sure to keep track of what goes in and out of your account—an overdraft results in fines.

By signing up for Start Smart Checking, you get free checking, an unbelievable 2.00% APY on up to $5,000, and you can earn rewards such as rebates on ATM fees by meeting monthly qualifications.

Debt Consolidation

Don’t let debt overwhelm you.  Consider a debt consolidation loan.  It combines several debts into a single, more favorable loan.

Sign up for Visa Gold - transfer your credit card debt to a lower rate card.
Use the equity you’ve built in your home to pay off high rate debt, combine multiple payments into one monthly payment, and earn a potential tax deduction with a Home Equity Loan.

Reduce Student Loan Payments

Student loan payments can be daunting.  Consider reducing your payments by consolidating your loans.

Consolidate your loans by signing up for Private Student Loans.  We offer competitive interest rates and extended repayment terms.


It’s never too early to think of the future.  Start saving for your retirement by signing up for an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Enjoy a high rate of return on your funds and possible tax advantages.

Sign up for one of our Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA's).  We offer flexible terms and good rates.

Whatever your financial situation, we can help you “Get It Together” at R.I.A. Federal Credit Union.