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Visa Rebate Rewards

Start earning rebate rewards simply by using your R.I.A. Federal Credit Union Visa Credit Card. With Visa Rebates you can earn up to 1% cashback on all of your purchases. Whether you use your card for shopping, dining, gas, or even bills you will earn rebate rewards with R.I.A.’s Visa.

How it works...


Apply for any R.I.A. Visa – Already have a Visa? Skip to step 2!


Purchase groceries, gas, or even pay bills to start earning your rebates.


Enjoy rebate rewards – applied to your Visa balance or shown as a credit on your anniversary date if your balance is zero!

Visa Rebate Rewards are an excellent way to earn something back with your every day purchases. With cash, you're just spending and receiving your goods. With a Visa Card with rebate rewards, you're earning something back on qualifying purchases. That's everything from filling up your gas tank, to getting this week's groceries, or paying down some bills. Your credit card rewards are easy to earn and follow. It can be applied to your Visa balance or shown as a credit.

Check out our current Visa Credit Card options and rates.

Rebate Dollars

1/2% on annual purchases on the first $3,000 1% on annual purchases $3,000 and over
1. Must have an RIA Federal Credit Union visa account, and maintain that account until the month of rebate payout
2. Rebates would be calculated on purchases from the member’s card issuing anniversary date, for the entire calendar year. This would be an ongoing rebate program year after year.
3. Rebates would be paid to a members Visa card the following month after the member’s anniversary. This shows as a credit to their account.

card issued April 2014
Rebate calculated from April 2014 till March 2015
Rebate applied to their card April 2015

Rebate: On members card issuing anniversary