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First Time Auto Buyer Program

Jan 04, 2016

R.I.A. FCU understands the dilemma a lot of people face when starting off on their own.

“You are denying me for a loan because I don’t have any credit –well where do I start getting credit?”

That is why R.I.A. FCU is launching a first time auto buyer program to help those just starting off. This program will have a set of guidelines that aren’t centered around “traditional” credit reporting history, thus eliminating the problem of being denied because of no credit.

You may find out more information and qualifications for this great program by visiting

R.I.A.'s Vision

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union is a progressive, member-owned cooperative whose purpose is to satisfy the financial needs of its members by providing high quality products and services that support the safety and soundness of the credit union.

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