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Take Control With Shazam Bolt

Aug 03, 2018

A safer, easier and faster mobile solution!


With the SHAZAM® BOLT$ mobile app you’ll enjoy the convenience of mobile and the flexibility to manage your accounts wherever the road takes you. SHAZAM BOLT$ provides fraud protection for your peace of mind; you can receive fraud alerts, block and unblock your card with the transaction control feature and check your account balance anytime, anywhere. There’s also an ATM location feature to ensure you have quick access to your cash when you want it. Read on to learn how SHAZAM BOLT$ makes mobile banking safer, easier and faster!


Reliable protection is always available. You can automatically receive 24/7 email alerts on your smartphone, tablet or home computer whenever a debit card purchase is made where your card is not present, such as telephone or Internet orders. You can also be notified when potentially fraudulent activity occurs, such as purchases for large amounts or transactions in foreign countries.


When you receive an alert, you simply check the transaction. If the purchase isn’t valid, call us right away and we’ll put a stop to the fraud. It’s like having a high-tech early warning system at your disposal every minute of every day.


Take even more control of your account using transaction control. This fast and simple security feature takes fraud safety up a notch. With the quick tap of a button you’ll be able to block or unblock your card, without affecting previous transactions, if your card is stolen, goes missing or you just want to pause it while traveling. This feature saves you the hassle associated with losing a card — simply block your card until you find it, then unblock it for instant use.


With the SHAZAM BOLT$ app, you’ll also have access to balance information so you’ll always know whether you have enough money to make purchases.


You’re sure to appreciate SHAZAM BOLT$ ATM locator is integrated with GPS technology so no matter where you travel, you’ll be able to use your mobile device to locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM along with directions.


Getting started is easy. Download the app, set your preferences and start keeping tabs on your account. The instructions are on screen, and we’re always glad to help if you have any questions. Download our app today!

Download Shazam Bolt from the App Store     Download Shazam Bolt from Google Play     

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