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Contactless R.I.A. Debit Card

Contactless Debit Card

Find out why members love the new, contactless R.I.A. debit card! No charges or monthly fees - and use it anywhere you see the Mastercard symbol. 

Contactless Payments

You can use your R.I.A. debit card by hovering over an in-store card reader with the contactless symbol. This is a highly secure and quick way to make everyday purchases!

Access to Mobile Wallets

Add your card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay to enjoy a contactless payment with your mobile smart phone. Learn more.

Access to over 32,000 surcharge free ATMs with MoneyPass

Visit MoneyPass to find surcharge free ATMs in our new debit/ATM network!*

Card Controls and Alerts

You have the ability to turn off your card in case it is lost or stolen and set alerts based on real time transactions to help prevent fraud all within online or mobile banking with R.I.A. 

Card Controls Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take advantage of this great feature? 
Simply log into into online or mobile banking. Card Controls will be listed in the "Additional Services" or "More" menu in mobile app. 

How do I turn my card on and off? 
When you access Card Controls, tap or swipe the toggle switch to turn your debit card on or off. 

How quickly will this action turn my card on or off? 
Immediately, so you have complete control of your card. 

Can I manage Card Controls on more than one R.I.A. card? 
Yes, you can. From the main Card Control Screen select the R.I.A. debit card you would like to manage. 

If my card is turned off, will recurring transactions be blocked? 
No, they will not be blocked since those were pre-authorized transactions approved prior to the card being turned off. 

How do I customize my alerts? 
In Card Controls tap on "Alerts" and set your preferences by Merchant Type, Transaction Type, and Spend Limits. You may also block your card from international use in "Location Type."

Where can I choose how to receive alerts? 
Communication preferences associated with your R.I.A. account apply to your debit. You can find these settings by logging into your online banking account. From Online Banking click "My Settings" and then "Alerts and Notifications."

How do I turn off Debit Card alerts? 
In Card Controls, turn off each alert in the individual menus for Merchant Type, Transaction Type, Spend Limits, and Location Type. 

Can I use Card Controls to notify R.I.A. of my travel plans? 
Not at this time, you would still need to call us at 800-724-2848. 


  • Accepted worldwide
  • Comes with Mastercard ID Theft Protection and Extended Warranty coverage on eligible items purchased with your R.I.A. FCU Mastercard. Learn More
  • No monthly payments or finance charges
  • More secure than cash
  • Easier than checks
  • Use it anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Get cash from any ATM Location
  • Track spending more easily
  • Monthly statements
  • Online access
  • Some restrictions apply
*Foreign ATM fee still charged for using more than 6 non R.I.A. ATMs a month.