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Purchasing a new vehicle can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re here to understand your needs, answer your questions, and help guide you through the process.

Competitive Rates

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union is proud to offer extremely competitive rates11 with flexible payment terms.
Rates as low as 0%
Model YearTermAPR
2018-2025 Vehicle Loans24-48 Months6.64%11
2018-2025 Vehicle Loans49-66 Months6.89%11
2018-2025 Vehicle Loans67-75 Months117.39%11
2018-2025 Vehicle Loans76-84 Months117.64%11
2015-201724-66 Months8.89%11
2004-201424-54 Months10.39%11
Classics (20 years old minimum)24-63 Months8.89%11
Classics (20 years old minimum)64-72 Months (over $20,000)8.89%11
Rates as low as 0%
Model YearTermAPR
2018-2025Up to 66 Months7.54%11
2018-2025 Motorcycles Only Over $20,00067-75 Months8.04%11
2023-2025 Only Over $25,00076-84 Months11.54%11
2004-2017Up to 66 Months9.54%11
2004-2017 Motorcycles Only Over $20,00067-75 Months11.04%11
Rates as low as 0%
Model YearTermAPR
2018-2025 Under $25,000Up to 66 Months7.54%11
2018-2025 Over $25,00067-75 Months8.04%11
2018-2025 RVs or Boats Only Over $25,00076-120 Months8.54%11
2004-2017 Under $25,000Up to 66 Months9.54%11
2004-2017 Over $25,00067-75 Months11.04%11
2004-2017 RVs or Boats Only Over $25,00076-84 Months11.54%11

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Vehicle Purchasing Tips

Whether you are looking to purchase your first vehicle or your tenth, these helpful tips will help you successfully navigate the sales process.  

Do Your Research

Take your time to learn about the vehicle you are looking to purchase. Understand the available options, read reviews and know the true value of the vehicle.

Know Your Budget

Knowing your budget before stepping foot into a dealership can help avoid making an emotional decision. Set your budget and stick to it.

Don't Negotiate on Payment

While it’s important to set a budget, it shouldn’t be used for negotiation purposes. Many dealerships have clever ways of working around your monthly budget to maximize profit.

Be Patient

If you’re not satisfied with the arrangement, don’t be shy to walk away. Sometimes patience is the key to getting a good deal.

Understand The Transaction

It’s important to understand what you are paying for and how much you are paying. Ask for a detailed breakdown of the full transaction and ask the dealership to walk you through everything.

Apply for Pre-Approval

Getting pre-approved11 for your vehicle loan puts you in a great position to negotiate. Knowing your interest rate and loan terms before visiting a dealership allows you to stand firm during the sales process.

Vehicle Loan FAQ

You have questions. We have answers. See below for a list of our most frequently asked vehicle loan questions.

What terms do you offer on your vehicle loans?

R.I.A. Federal Credit Union is proud to offer extremely competitive rates with flexible payment terms. We offer vehicle loans up to 84 months11 to fit your financial needs.

What documentation will I need for a vehicle loan application?

The documentation needed for a vehicle loan is determined by our underwriters once they review your application, but typically includes a copy of the title, your driver’s license, and proof of insurance. Our team is always here to help guide you through the process. Contact us with questions any time!

Do I need to be a member to apply for a loan?

Membership is not required to apply for a loan with R.I.A. Federal Credit Union. However, you will need to become a member to finalize the loan. When you open an account with us you become a member of our credit union.


11. Vehicle Loans

    • Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change and may vary based on creditworthiness and qualifications.
    • Loans are subject to credit approval. Restrictions may apply.
    • 67-75-month financing available only on loans of $12,000 or more only on 2018-2025 model year.
    • 76-84-month financing available only on loans of $20,000 or more only on 2018-2025 model year.
    • For example, a 48-month term on a new vehicle loan for $20,000 at at 6.64% APR, the monthly payment will be approximately $475.59.

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