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Learning the principals of money at a young age puts children on the path to financial success. Let R.I.A.'s KARS account be the start to that path.

KARS - Kids Are Rewarded for Saving

  • For children ages 0-12
  • Minimum $5 balance share savings account
  • No minimum balance to earn interest
  • Kids can keep track of deposits and earn cool prizes as they save instilling the importance of routine saving and that saving can be rewarding

Parents sign your child up today!


Prizes Include 

Mood Pencil 2 points
Highlighter 10 points
Coin Pouch/ Mini Football 15 points
Water Bottle
25 points
Lunch Bag 35 points
Tasty Treat
45 points
Movie Pass
60 points

Money Smarts Starts Now. Let us help!

Our KARS youth account is designed to get your child started on the right track.

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